School Improvement
Our School Improvement Strategy is how we evaluate, support and stretch our schools to become places of excellence for learning and wellbeing of children, young people and staff.

Our School Improvement Strategy is implemented collaboratively between the Trust executive team, and the process is refined regularly to meet the needs of our schools and is funded centrally.  The cycle of support begins in the summer term with the completion of the school’s self evaluation report, including an overall effectiveness summary of strengths and next steps for development. This evaluation report supports the school’s development planning and informs the Trust’s work to support the school.

All our schools benefit from three types of support:
Operational Excellence
We provide business services including finance, compliance, safeguarding, governance, HR advisory service and policies, estates, marketing, health and safety.
Review and Refine
External quality assurance and review from both Challenge Partners and London South Teaching School Hub. Termly support from the CEO to identify gaps, causes of gaps and to close them quickly. Subject and pedagogical specialists from within and outside the Trust.
Growing Capacity
We provide professional development for teachers and the wider staff body. Our schools provide much of the training and support for each other alongside our EEF research school and Teaching School Hub. Where expertise does not exist within the Trust, we broker external support. We work together on joint projects which address common needs such as increasing SEND capacity or improving equality, diversity and inclusion in our schools.
New Joiners

When schools join our family of schools, our first collaborative piece of school improvement work is to use our ‘Getting to Great’ foundations document to identify the initial focus of support and what positive impact that support will bring.

Extended Support

Some schools will need an extended and intensive package to ensure they are able to make rapid improvements. This work make require significant additional capacity for the school and this is funded separately by the school within an agreed timescale.
View our School Improvement Strategy below: