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Senior and middle leaders play a critical part in developing and implementing all strategic and operational decisions at cross-school and whole-school level.  

We are a Trust that is committed to empowering our leaders to taken ownership and lead with confidence as a school’s leadership team is critical to the success of the school

As a key role model in our schools, senior leaders must demonstrate collective responsibility and you will be at the operational sharp edge of change and manage staff effectively. A school leadership team is critical to the success of and and so valuing and developing our leaders is a key pillar in our school improvement strategy.  

At Charter, we are looking for leaders who:

  • Believe passionately in our mission of better futures for children and young people
  • Care deeply about the wellbeing of our children and our workforce.
  • Inspire others through their integrity, collaboration, work ethic, and sense of mission.
  • Have the highest expectations of themselves and others - we achieve together!
  • Are articulate, well-organised and knowledgeable, drawing on the evidence of what works.

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Four leadership NPQs are available to teachers and leaders considering school and system leadership:

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