Sarah Wordlaw

Sarah is the Headteacher of Streatham Wells Primary, joining in September 2022. She is passionate about the opportunity educators have to be the catalysts for positive change, to break barriers and unlock potential.

A dynamic and enthusiastic leader, Sarah has 18 years of experience working in schools, with 8 years of educational leadership experience. Sarah is a published author and curriculum developer, and has experience leading and developing a range of subjects with a particular focus on the leadership of English and the humanities. Sarah has worked in schools across South London, to transform educational provision and close the gap between those who are disadvantaged and not.

Sarah is currently completing her NPQH, and is the lead facilitator for the NPQSL course. She is a leadership coach for the DfE Stepping Into Leadership programme for Aspiring Senior Leaders and is part of leading the Diversifying The Curriculum branch of Raising The Game, a project tackling the academic attainment gap which disproportionately affects Black Caribbean  pupils. Her book, Time To Shake Up The Primary Curriculum: A step-by-step guide to creating a global, diverse and inclusive school, will be released in April 2023, and is an exploration into the power a diverse and inclusive curriculum has in developing children's voices to raise awareness and empowerment, particularly in marginalised communities.