David Windle
SLE in Primary English: Deputy Headteacher, Charles Dickens Primary School

David has taught in a range of primary settings and has delivered training in universities, businesses and other organisations to staff of all levels. He has designed and delivered staff development courses in Communication, Leadership and Classroom Presence.

As Head of English, David developed a structured approach to teaching writing, incorporating vocabulary, sentence models, slow writing and collaborative writing and, finally, editing and improving which has led to greatly improved writing outcomes. As well as co-designing the Improving Literacy training for the Charles Dickens Research School, David worked with the EEF to redesign their KS1 and KS2 literacy courses.

Currently David is responsible for wider curriculum development at Charles Dickens Primary School. 

David offers professional development on:

English: curriculum design and planning

Teaching writing: all elements of the sequence

Guided reading

Creating a culture of reading at your school

David offers support teachers/leaders with:

Re-shaping the English curriculum

Developing an approach to teaching writing

Developing an approach to guided reading

Communication / leadership / voice coaching