Our Mission, Vision and Values
Our Mission:
We inspire and nurture children and young people in South London to excel, through education that transforms lives and strengthens our diverse communities. 
Our Strategic Aims:
Schools that excel
  • All our pupils achieve higher outcomes than national comparators and have the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed at the next stage of their educational journey
  • Greatest support for those pupils who need it most
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Evidence-informed teaching within a powerful knowledge curriculum
  • Deliberate and proactive teaching of positive behaviours
  • Broad and rich opportunities for pupils to develop creativity through learning about and participation in the arts
  • Promoting leadership and community service for all pupils
  • Families valued as partners.
People that inspire
  • A clear talent-management strategy for all roles
  • Trust-wide career development programme
  • An employer of choice in South London
  • Developing leaders who reflect the diversity of our community
  • A sector leader for staff wellbeing
  • A successful Teaching School Hub and EEF Research School.
Partnerships that make a difference

  • Mobilising evidence-informed knowledge of ‘what works’ 
  • Working together to improve outcomes for all our pupils 
  • Sharing strong practice and resources 
  • Promoting innovation in our schools 
  • Amplifying our learning to improve the sector.
Our Values:
At the heart of our Trust are our values. These values drive our schools and remain central to everything we do.


Open Accordian
We believe in getting things done and helping each other be better

We are focused on achieving extraordinary results from extraordinary work

We are committed to strong and consistent performance that can be relied on by colleagues and stakeholders

We are self-motivated, self-disciplined and optimistic about the future

We set stretching targets in the knowledge we can reach them

We focus on the identifying and addressing causes as opposed to managing symptoms.


Open Accordian
We listen carefully in order to make good decisions

We take time to communicate well on paper and in person

We welcome challenge and we seek brave conversations

We remain calm and self-contained, even in stressful situations

We can articulate where we are and what needs doing.

Innovation & Curiosity

Open Accordian
We are interested in knowing more about the communities we serve, the curriculum we teach and how to help pupils learn best

We learn quickly and with enthusiasm

We contribute to the learning of others both within the Trust and beyond

We aim to improve our work constantly with new ideas to improve, simplify and speed up our work

We explore new ideas thoughtfully

We take calculated risks, identifying potential and learning from new ideas as they evolve.


Open Accordian
We are committed to helping all children, particularly the most disadvantaged and vulnerable

We work successfully with people of many diverse backgrounds and cultures

We accept that we have biases and work hard to free ourselves of these

We know that diversity of experience and perspective makes our organisation richer and our decisions better.


Open Accordian
We question actions and challenge behaviours that are inconsistent with our values

We speak in the best interests of our pupils, even when that requires courage

We act and speak in ways that bring people together and break down divisions.


Open Accordian
We are honest, transparent and non-political

We treat all people with dignity and respect, regardless of their role, their background or their views

We accept and own our mistakes.