"Academic Excellence, Creativity and Social Intelligence are at the heart of everything we do at Charles Dickens Primary School."
Michael Eggleton,
Head of School
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We give each of these values equal weighting and through a knowledge-rich curriculum, engaging teaching, great relationships and strong partnerships, we work hard to ensure that Charles Dickens is the best possible primary school experience for every child.

Our approach is always evidence-informed, and share and amplify the 'best bets' for schools  as an Education Endowment Foundation Research School.
Our curriculum is broadly traditional but reflective of our multicultural community and unique location in London. It is carefully crafted by subject specialists to ensure children move on to the next stage of their education with the language, knowledge and experience to show a broad and deep understanding of each subject. Children begin learning about the world around them, what has come before and the importance of writing in order to be able to change the world for the better in the future.
The Wellbeing School
Children enjoying their Wellbeing School lesson
The creative arts sit proudly in our provision. Our large arts teaching team and strong partnerships with arts organisations reflect our commitment to teaching music, art, drama and dance. In each of these subjects, children are given the time, experiences and freedom to apply their learning and create beautiful works. We showcase these each term in our ‘open house’ events with parents alongside other public performances and exhibitions.
Alongside the academic and creative learning, we want our children to be happy while with us and to develop a ‘wellbeing’ toolkit to take them on into adolescence and adulthood. Our approach is built around the importance of self-knowledge and then having the right words to describe a feeling, its cause and if desirable, how to feel better.

We are Behaviour Hub lead school for the DFE and we are focused on exemplifying and sharing the systems and culture needed to support outstanding behaviour in schools.
Alongside this and informed by latest research and designed by experts, the team at Charles Dickens have the developed the Wellbeing School.

The Wellbeing School presents a whole-school curriculum carefully curated to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in children. Find out more below:
Alongside this, children are given responsibilities, freedoms, a voice and the opportunity to lead. The UNICEF rights of the child are ‘lived’ throughout the school and as such, we were designated a UNICEF Rights Respecting Gold School in January 2019.

We have a skilled pastoral team who ensure that every child gets the support they need to feel ready to take on the next opportunities, responsibilities and challenges that life offers.
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