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Lyndhurst Primary School

Lyndhurst Primary School is a two-form entry school with a Dyslexia Centre located in Camberwell, Southwark. We are committed to the achievement of higher education standards. This means providing a challenging, stimulating, and safe environment where the emphasis is on high expectations and quality learning outcomes.

Inclusivity, respect, trust, and happiness lie at the heart of everything we do at Lyndhurst Primary School because it is important to us that each child feels secure, cared for, and has a sense of belonging. We hope that each child’s journey through primary school will be a happy time for all the family.

We believe that children need to be actively involved in their learning and see the purpose and value of their involvement.  It is therefore vital that the children are encouraged to develop the desire, belief, and confidence to achieve. We have high expectations for all children and encourage them to work both independently and collaboratively for them to become successful learners and well-rounded, tolerant, individuals.

We work closely with our school community and parents are encouraged into school to work with us and to assist in the development and progress of the children throughout their primary educational experience, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Nick Hammill and Jola Nowakowska


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