Our Culture
We seek excellence in all that we do, and we have the greatest expectations of everyone to achieve highly. Our culture helps us achieve this excellence, for our children and young people, for our staff, for the communities we serve and for the broader educational system.

We seek to grow, ensuring our pupils and staff benefit from our best collective and collaborative practice. At the same time, we want our schools to retain the agility to innovate, ensuring they can respond nimbly to their communities' needs. Our schools have the freedom to explore and learn from different practices. We know that authentic leadership and personal accountability are founded on ownership and self-direction.

Our Trust leaders work collaboratively to identify shared and individual strengths, and areas for school improvement. Our Trust development plan focuses on supporting each school to excel and amplify its strengths within our Trust and beyond.

Our teachers work together across the Trust on projects and joint learning. We are developing wider opportunities for our children and young people to learn alongside each other as part of the wider Trust family. We are also building relationships with community groups and organisations to ensure all our pupils benefit from growing up in the culturally rich communities of South London.

Our broader network of organisations, including the London South Teaching School Hub, our Challenge Partners Hub and the Charles Dickens Research School, enables us to work constructively with other schools across South London and further afield. We are particularly interested in supporting the professional development of teachers, dissemination of evidence-informed practice and the leadership of mentally healthy schools, nurseries and colleges.
How We work Together Diagram
Learn Central Team
Lean central team
The Trust central services team focus on making a difference for schools and adding the most value.
We are the proud home of the Charles Dickens Research School. We engage with the research to learn how to teach and support pupils best and how to implement successful, positive change. 
Collaboration and Networking
Collaboration and networking
We actively work with other Trusts, Local Authorities and sectors to learn from others and achieve outcomes we couldn’t alone.
Amplifying our impact in innovative ways
Amplifying our impact in innovative ways
We are committed to growing our impact rather than growth for growth’s sake. We use technology to share and amplify our work beyond our geographical location.
Prioritising Wellbeing
Prioritising wellbeing
We invest in providing our pupils with the knowledge, and skills and support to thrive and be mentally healthy. Our staff are equally important, and we are committed to giving our teams the professional development and care to do their roles exceptionally well.
Empowering Leadership
Empowering school leaders
Our schools to have the freedom to explore and learn from different practices as we know that authentic leadership and personal accountability are founded on ownership and self-direction. In particularly, curriculum choices are made at school level. 
Growing Our Talent
Growing our talent
We use our professional development programmes and collaboration to recruit, progress and retain talented people and build a diverse team. 
Valuing Governance
Valuing governance 
We know the positive difference our governance volunteers can make at all levels to support school improvement and challenge our schools to pursue excellence. Ongoing training and clear structures provide substantial opportunities to contribute.