Inclusive Education
Our schools are located within a borough with higher than average levels of pupils with SEND.

The number of pupils with autism in Southwark schools is also higher than the national and London average.
In order to meet the needs of all our pupils, and especially those with SEND, our schools are committed to inclusive education.

We support our schools to create opportunities for all learners to work together. This requires a recognition that learning is enhanced when individuals with different proficiencies, needs and aspirations can work together in a joint enterprise.

Our schools do not select on entry by gender, attainment or faith. We also seek ways to increase the numbers of pupils from socially and economically disadvantaged homes choosing our schools and attending our schools where this is currently below the London average.

Our schools work together to ensure that our provision for pupils with SEND is evidence informed and has the capacity to support the needs profiles of our communities where they are predictable over time. We are building close working relationships with special schools and other Trusts with special schools in order to learn from best practice. We are investing in supporting schools to review and refine their local offer and, where possible, developing specialist provisions which provide parents with increased local choice. This will include an autism specialist provision at The Charter School East Dulwich.

Outreach training is provided in collaboration with other schools and can be found via the London South Learning Partnership website.

Explore our training offer for your support staff below.

Our ‘Research into Practice’ guide to improving provision for pupils with autism can be found here: