Tom Surridge
ELE: Faculty Leader for Communications, The Charter School East Dulwich

My Experience

Since joining the founding teaching faculty at The Charter School East Dulwich, a free school which opened in 2016, I have had the privilege to lead an exceptional English team. Our shared vision for English is that all of our students will love reading and writing, will be articulate and confident speakers, will develop independent learning skills and will study a curriculum which reflects and celebrates the diversity of our School.I have extensive experience of designing and delivering literacy training. Most recently, I worked with the EEF to design a training programme based on the highly influential ‘Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools’ report.

Come and see

our...Innovative approaches to modelling writing Oracy strategy which harnesses the power of classroom talkCurriculum which includes a diverse range of writersApproach to teaching vocabularyI can offer professional development on...English: curriculum design and planningTeaching writing: all elements of the sequenceGuided reading and the use of reciprocal reading roles

Creating a culture of reading at your school

I can offer support teachers/leaders with...

Designing an inspiring English curriculum

Developing strategies for the teaching of reading and writing

Making effective use of classroom talk

An embedded approach to the teaching of vocabulary