Nicola Jacobs
ELE, Assistant Headteacher, Charles Dickens Primary School

I am the English Lead at Charles Dickens Primary School, developing the English curriculum and supporting colleagues to plan and teach rich, creative and inspiring English lessons.  I have designed and led evidence-informed CPD on a range of topics including effective feedback in writing, a balanced approach to reading comprehension and fluency, and using drama for purposeful talk and writing.  I also co-designed and delivered the Improving Literacy in Key Stage 2 training for the Charles Dickens Research School.

I have led a number of whole school initiatives, including a new approach to teaching Shakespeare (culminating in our annual ‘Summer of Shakespeare’ where each year group learns one Shakespeare play in the Summer Term) and those promoting reading for pleasure, such as termly reading passports to encourage broad and ambitious reading.  I love working with other schools on their English curriculum and teaching, as well as welcoming others into my classroom to see the below in action!

Come to see me:

  • Teaching writing – from the immersion stage through to editing, improving and redrafting
  • Teaching whole class guided reading
  • Using purposeful drama for talk and writing (in English and foundation subjects)
  • Using class book sessions to teach vocabulary and discuss author choice

I can offer professional development on:

  • Developing an approach to teaching writing
  • Developing an approach to teaching guided reading
  • Using purposeful drama for talk and writing
  • Creating a reading for pleasure culture