Kirsty Shreeve
SLE in English: Literacy Leader, Dulwich Hamlet Junior School

My experience

Since graduating in 2011, I have taught in a wide variety of primary schools. For the last four years, I have led English and I am currently the English Lead at Dulwich Hamlet Junior School.

I have designed and delivered engaging CPD for colleagues around all areas of English including spelling, handwriting, reading and different aspects of writing.

I am passionate about creating a love for English for all students (and teachers) and enjoy basing learning around high quality literature.

Come and see me

  • Teaching all aspects of writing – sentence work, the editing process, building extended pieces of writing.
  • Teaching engaging, meaningful vocabulary lessons.
  • Embedding grammar in a meaningful way.
  • Effectively leading English.

I can offer professional development on:

  • Assessing or moderating writing.
  • Sequencing an effective learning journey for English.
  • Effective vocabulary teaching.
  • Taking a ‘small steps’ approach to English.
  • Whole class guided reading.

I can support teachers/leaders with:

  • Developing policies
  • Creating long or medium term plans.
  • Developing an action plan and identifying key priorities.