Beth Harris
SLE in Science: Head of Year and Science Leader, Dulwich Hamlet Junior School

My experience

I am Science Leader at Dulwich Hamlet Junior School, and lead a Science Leaders Cluster, a group of forward-thinking and driven science leaders who meet with the core focus of developing different areas of the science curriculum in our contexts. Here, we promote good practice through sharing resources and strategies, creating shared aims, trial ideas, and conducting research projects.

Come and see me

  • Effectively leading science
  • Teaching a science lesson
  • Embedding the skills for working scientifically and strategies to raise the profile of STEAM in your context

I can offer professional development on:

  • Raising the quality of language in your science classrooms
  • Helping children retain scientific knowledge and integrating the skills for working scientifically into effective planning

I can support teachers/leaders with:

  • Gaining confidence in early science subject knowledge
  • Leading science to raise attainment