Aram Sohaib
SLE in Science: Assistant KCL Science, The Charter School North Dulwich

My experience

Since joining The Charter School in 2002 I have been worked on using peer tutoring to raise attainment of students across different curriculum areas. Peer tutoring involves giving students the responsibility to teach other children academic subject content during the school day. The peer tutor can be in the same class or age group (same age peer tutoring) or different age groups (cross age peer tutoring). Many studies have shown this to be a successful strategy in raising the attainment of the child tutoring and the child tutored at a relatively low cost.

I have trained teachers in Science, Maths, English, History, Computer Science, Art to plan and implement, successful cross age peer tutoring projects with local Primary Schools in the area. Schools with a structured focus on oracy would be well placed to implement such projects. I have showcased my work to other schools at many SSAT school hub meetings. I was also invited to run a workshop at the SSAT National conference in 2009.

Come and see me

  • Using practical experiment and discussion to teach Science at KS3.
  • Retrieval Practice activities as GCSE and A level to consolidate learning.
  • Using same age peer tutoring to support all learners to review and teach their understanding of a topic or concept.

I can offer professional development on

  • Peer tutoring
  • Retrieval practice
  • Planning and sequencing curriculums
  • Using “learning conversations” in Science to enhance learning

I can support teachers/leaders with:

  • I can train class teachers to plan and implement a peer tutoring project within any subject area.
  • I can assist heads of department and phase leaders to select aspects of the curriculum to use peer tutoring projects.
  • I can advise and guide head teachers and senior leaders how to phase in peer tutoring across the school.