Angus Murray
SLE in Science: Teacher, The Charter School North Dulwich

My experience

Over the last 14 years, I’ve worked at a range of schools in South London in quite different contexts. I trained as a Teach First participant in a Croydon comprehensive and then moved to a school in the private sector to get more A-level experience. Then, working in a start-up academy in Brixton, I had extensive experience managing a constantly changing team as Head of Science whilst planning and preparing schemes of work to motivate students of all abilities. Today, I work at The Charter School North Dulwich, an outstanding school, where I have become more interested in refining my pedagogy and curriculum development (for KS5) to reflect current developments in evidence based teaching research.

Working in different schools in my career has given me a breadth of experience that I would like to use to help middle and senior leaders shape their curricula and teams. I am an enthusiastic problem solver, who enjoys coming up with solutions tailored to the individual circumstances of classes, year-groups and schools.

Come and see me

  • The use of recall practice, oracy activities and low stakes testing to promote long term memory
  • Stretch and challenge at KS5
  • Strategies for maintaining pace in content heavy and time-poor lessons
  • Curriculum and homework planning for revision
  • Maximising effectiveness in revision
  • Using question level analysis to provide individual feedback
  • Growth tasks post assessment

I can offer professional development on:

  • Curriculum and homework design at KS5 to build long term memory
  • Using diagnostic feedback after assessment
  • Recall practice
  • Oracy in science
  • Use of video in the class and outside
  • Strategies for maintaining pace in the classroom

I can support teachers/leaders with:

  • Feedback in science and especially at KS5
  • Sequencing revision activities to maximise their effectiveness
  • Use of literary and oracy in science